Our company stands tall among the best in Greece

Yomadic is a privately-owned company which offers exclusive transfer services around Athens.
Opening car. Close-up of hand holding the car handle

Covid-19 Safety

Keeping everyone safe, means that everyone must take proper precautions. So we decided to maximize our standards.
We provide Surgical Masks, Sanitizers , Antibacterial wipes and Gloves for all our passengers, for free off course!
Woman pointing something to her taxi driver.

01. Drivers

Drivers are provided with disinfectant or wipes to clean hands and contact points

Work as taxi driver and disinfection during covid quarantine

02. Rides

During every ride and in between trips, the vehicle is ventilated as much as possible

Worker in hazmat suit with chemical alcohol spray cleaning inside car to disinfect

03. Contact Points

The contact points in the vehicle (eg door handle, armrest, seat belt, pin equipment and handle) are additionally cleaned


Meet our expert Team

Will Potter

CEO trail


Master Mechanic

Alan Alexander

Trail Designer